Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google's Tool to Convert Roman Urdu Text to Urdu Text

There are several reasons behind Google’s so much popularity and penetration. The masses love it. This is because it is highly efficient and also because it listens to the masses. Google has excellent teams, which are always looking out for things that most of the communities want. Google maps tool is an excellent example of that.
We all know that Google search engine can also be used in Urdu and many other languages. Now recently Google has introduced a tool that can be used to convert text written in roman Urdu to conventional Urdu script.
This tool was highly the need of time. The Urdu speaking people were forced to chat either in English or in the roman Urdu. It is true that other software applications for writing Urdu on screen were possible. Undoubtedly, they were smart. However, the Urdu keyboard was required for that. Using that keyboard is very hard for people who have been using English keyboard forever. Other than that, of course the keyboard came at a price. Some people used keyboard stickers. That method was cheaper but not very convenient.
The Urdu conversion tool is free of cost and easy to use. It is very user friendly and smart. One does not require a very high class or smart PC to download this tool. In fact, it can run well on the slowest of the PCs.
The operation of the tool is very simple. One just has to type words in roman Urdu and paste it in the tools window. It converts it into the Urdu script.

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