Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nida Fazli: A Great Urdu Poet of the Present Day

In the present day Nida Fazli is well thought-out a giant name in Urdu poetry mainly after the deaths of whole generation of expert Urdu poets in the last couple of years. But this is not to put down Nida's input to literature.

By the side of Shaharyar and Ahmad Faraz (Pakistan), Nida is in the midst of the exceptional Urdu poets who have attained reputation across the sub-continent and abroad. Nida Fazli has been writing lyrics for Indian movie Industry but he didn't let this affect his literary output.
Accomplishment hasn't come the simple way. His life has been full of struggle for Nida Fazli. He is often harsh that critics and also some poetry lovers made fun of him back in the late sixties, because of the particular couplet:

sooraj ko chonch meN liye murGha khaDaa rahaa
khiDkii ke parde khiinch diye raat ho gayii
It was an easy couplet written at the height of modernist movement that tinted the distinction between urban and rural life style. Living in air-conditioned rooms, one doesn't come across the birds and the sounds of nature.
Living in the middle of gigantic skyscrapers and moving in vehicles one doesn’t get to see the sight of moon which used to be on a daily basis experience in villages where lying on the cot in open, moon was a cohort.

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