Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Writing Scripts of Urdu Language

Many people are not familiar with the fact that the Urdu language is written in four different scripts. Especially in Pakistan, it is a common perception that the Urdu language is written only in the Persian script.
The following are the four types of scripts in which the Urdu language is written.

1.       Persian
Persian is also called the parent language of Urdu. Therefore, it is not really a surprise that the Urdu language is written in this script.
2.       Kaithi
Most of the people of the Himalayan subcontinent are now not familiar with the Kaithi script. This script is as old as many centuries. It can also be called the clerical scripts, as the clerks and some other people holding similar designations in the royal courts used it.
The Kaithi script is also called the script of Bihar and UP province of India. It is now quickly becoming obsolete though.
3.       Devnagri
Devnagri is the script in which Hindi and Sanskrit languages are written. Initially a remarked line separated Urdu and Hindi. In fact, the scripts used to write them were the basic difference. However, now that difference is blurred too. 
4.       Roman
Urdu is commonly written in India and Pakistan in the Roman English. Especially for the emailing and the text messaging, roman Urdu language is used.

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