Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tribute to Kavish Badri: a unique Ghazal

Kavish Badri, the prominent Urdu poet is no more. He is no longer with us; he was deceased on May 28, 2010 in his native place Ambur. Born on February 3, 1928, his real name was V.P. Abdur Razaq, came into view as a great poet. He was known to be erratic, self-complacency and emotional Urdu poet who did not seem to have “double standards”. He was uncomplicated in his approach and called a shovel a shovel. He never crushed words. In other words, he appeared outside as he was inside– an infrequent quality of head and heart in hardly any people, to say vigilantly.

Kavish Badri was in Ambur after his giving up work from the Madras University Library near the Marina Beach. He was a great aficionado of all good and tough opponent of everything bad. His points of views were issue-based.

He was 84. Kavish Badri was in print in Urdu journals across the world. His ghazals were a permanent feature in literary magazine, Shabkhoon. Vellore has an extensive Urdu speaking populace. In fact, one of the pioneers of Urdu ghazal, Vali Vellori also hailed from this town.

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