Monday, December 13, 2010

Late Dr Wazir Agha’s early life

It is very excruciating to put in the word ‘late’ to Dr Wazir Agha’s name, who was a great intellectual. Dr Agha’s expedition in literature is appropriately adds up by his couplet: kehney ko chandgaam tha yeh arsa-e-hyayat, lekin tamaam umr hi chalna para mujhey.
Dr Wazir Agha saw his end only a few steps away, but he had struggle all his life to achieve what he desired to accomplish. Possibly this is the case for most of us. He was born on May 18th, 1922 in a village in Sargodha district. In his biography ‘Shaam Ki Mundair Sey’, Dr Wazir relates how his father obtained a janam patri from a pandit at his birth. However, he did not open it all his life.
He also tells that his father was a businessman who dealt in horses from the Persian-speaking Qizilbash family. Dr Agha’s father was given 750 acres of land from the British government in Sargodha district. His father used to speak in Persian language (Farsi) with his elder sisters, but would talk in Punjabi with his mother, who was a Punjabi decent.
So, Wazir Agha learned Persian from his father, Punjabi from his mother and the English language from his British friends. He was entrusted to the care of a family friend, Shah Saheb, who was a teacher in a Sikh village.During his school years, Dr Agha developed a strong fondness for Urdu ghazals and started composing poetry on his own.

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