Monday, December 13, 2010

Late Dr Wazir Agha’s Career and work

Dr Agha was introduced to literary circles in 1948 when his poetry was published in Maulana Salahuddin Ahmad’s then prominent literary magazine ‘Adabi Duniya’. Afterward, he served as the co-editor of the magazine from 1960 to 1963.
He did his graduation from the Government College, Jhang and later masters in Economics from Government College, Lahore. He was awarded the degree of doctorate by the University of Punjab in Urdu Literature (humour) in 1956.

Well-known physicist Dr Abdul Salam, who was also studying at Government College, Jhang at the point, was recognized by Dr Agha as a young man of exceptional intellectual qualities. Wazir Agha was the editor of the college magazine ‘Chanab’ and on his demand; Salam wrote a play for the magazine. Next year, Agha left for Lahore. In his book ‘Inshai Tanqeed’, lecturer Jamil Aazar relates Wazir Agha’s ‘Dastak Us Key Darwazey Par’ with Hermann Hesse’s novel ‘Journey to the East’.
Dr Wazir Agha is a great name in criticism and his most famous Urdu works are: Adam Mein Tanz-o-Mazah (1958), Takhleequi Amal (1970), Urdu Shairi Ka Mizaaj (1965), Tasawuraat-e- Ishq-o- Khird – Iqbal Ki Nazar Mein (1977), Majeed Amjad Ki Dastaan-e-Muhabbat (1991) and Ghalib Ka Zauq-e-Tamasha (1997).

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