Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Saving the Urdu writings from plagiarism

Plagiarism is a huge problem in Pakistan. Not only that the Urdu literature is plagiarized but also there are many self-proclaimed Urdu writers. These writers constantly steal the literary works from other languages and translate them to Urdu.
A very blatant example of this trend is portrayed by the informative Urdu digests and magazines in Pakistan. They pick up entire articles from Readers’ Digest, BBC’s official website and other such magazines, websites etc. They just translate them to Urdu word by word and publish them. They never give any credit to the original writers of the articles and their actual publishers.

It is a criminal act, in which many of the so-called and self-proclaimed Urdu writers are involved. In fact, many of them are earning big bucks by constantly doing this crime. Some are even regular contributors of the famous weekly magazines and monthly digests.
There is another form of plagiarism rampant in Pakistan. Some people and publishing houses are making money from it. They compile great writings by several different writers and publish a compilation. This is not legal but here no one really cares. In the same way, some people compile poems from great Urdu poets and publish a compilation. The government must take measures to eliminate plagiarism from the Urdu literature.

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