Monday, December 6, 2010

Publishing the Urdu Literature

Pakistan is a country with very low literacy rate. The national language of Pakistan is Urdu. Therefore, it is natural that people do not know English or other languages more than they know Urdu. However when it come to the production of the Urdu literature the things are not very encouraging. Of course, the reason is the very low literacy rate in the country.

Publishing the Urdu literature cannot be a profitable business in Pakistan. This is because people here are not into Urdu books as such. Other than that, the small publishing houses will struggle even for the survival. This is because in this country, the large publishing houses are few but they have established their monopoly. They do not let any small publishing house prosper. The laws and regulations of the country also favor the business giants.

Some people ask that the Urdu literature does not sell well. Then how do these publishing houses make their large sums of profits. The answer to their question is that the publishing houses do not rely on the literature for making profits. They mass-produce the course books. They do not let the people buy course books by foreign publishing houses. They produce the copies of the foreign books at considerably lower prices and circulate them in the market.

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