Monday, December 27, 2010

Urdu Literature in India

The 18th century saw the elegance of words and many types of writing like Ghazals, nazms, Doha etc. came into make use of. The beginning of 19th century saw the prosperous works of Urdu being converted into modern Urdu in the Fort William College, Calcutta. The assonance poses of ancient period also blossomed in the early 19th century. The last Divine Book revealed to humanity, Quran was interpreted into Urdu language in the year 1803. In the Present times, the Osmania University founded in 1918 in Hyderabad uses Urdu language as the medium of instruction of education.

Urdu Literature History
One of the sweetest languages in the world, the accounts and derivation of Urdu literature is bright, vibrant and melodiously conjoined that has led to the expansion of this language. The approach of writing the Urdu language has developed enormously with the authority of Ghazals and nazms, the most central forms of verses.

Indian Urdu Writers
Several eminent Indian authors have written abundant novels in Urdu language. These novels draw attention to different characteristics of human emotions and society as a whole. In Urdu, novel writers flourished in India as well as countries like Pakistan and other Urdu speaking nations. Urdu has been derived essentially from Persian, Arabic. A lot of Urdu novel writers composed dazzling novels in this stunning language.

Urdu Poets India
Urdu poetry is one of the most vibrant and flamboyant fields of poetry that is read with much eagerness and esteem even in the existing world. A number of the most prominent Urdu poets who have made enormous input in this field have been discussed in my posts.

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