Monday, December 27, 2010

Urdu Poets in India

Urdu poetry is one of the most glowing and vibrant fields of poetry that is read with much eagerness and high regard even in the modern world. The role these Urdu language poets has played is huge and worth to be pleased about. They have encouraged and continued to motivate many philosophers. Their works continue to enchant and astound readers even today.

Urdu poets have restricted themselves to not just Urdu, but also have tried out languages like Persian, Hindi and Arabic. India has had its contribution of renowned Urdu poets and has conserved the precious wealth of their beautiful poetic works for our present and future generation. Urdu poetry has had its beginning in Arabia and Persia and yet India is greatly inclined by this ground of poetry and there have been many celebrated poets who wrote Urdu poetry in India.

The majority of these Urdu poets in India used pen names or pseudonyms known as 'Takhallus'. This word is derived from Arabic and it means 'ending'. This pen name was attached at the end of a poet's name and the conventional way of identifying an Urdu poet was by taking the pen name. Also, when a poet wrote a poem or a ghazal, his pen name would be included at the end of the poem as a signature.

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